Postdoctoral Fellow in Gaffen Lab Publishes First Author Paper in Science Immunology

Akash Verma, postdoctoral fellow in the Gaffen Lab, is first author of a featured paper (with Cover Art) in the November Science Immunology on innate immunity to oral fungal infections. Please see... View »

Dr. Olja Finn Featured in Article by National Cancer Institute

Dr. Olja Finn was featured in "Stories of Impact" by the National Cancer Institute. Please click here... View »

Dr. Penelope Morel Co-Awardee of Sheldon Adler Award for Innovation in Medical Education

Dr. Penelope Morel was a co-awardee of the Sheldon Adler Award for Innovation in Medical Education at the University of Pittsburgh for her work on the 4th year medical school course... View »

Delgoffe receives NIH Director’s New Innovator Award

Dr. Greg M. Delgoffe, Assistant Professor of Immunology, has received the NIH Director’s New Innovator Award, a grant funding high-risk, high-reward projects for exceptionally innovative early... View »

Congratulations to the Poster Winners at the 2017 Immunology Retreat!

Postdoctoral Fellows

1. Saikat Mujumder (Mandy McGeachy lab)

2. Tony Cillo (Vignali lab)

3. tie:  Krishnendu Chakrabortty (Prabir Ray lab), Abigail Sedlacek (Robert... View »

Dr. Amanda Poholek awarded American Lung Association Biomedical Research Grant and Samuel and Emma Winters Foundation Grant

The ALA Biomedical Grant titled “Identifying the molecular basis for Blimp-1-mediated allergic airway disease” is focused on understanding the role of Blimp-1 in driving asthma disease. The Samuel... View »

Graduate student J. Agustin Cruz publishes in ImmunoHorizons

Agustin Cruz of the Gaffen lab publishes a paper entitled “IL-17 triggers degradation of the constitutive NF-kappaB inhibitor ABIN-1”.... View »

Graduate Student Nicole Scharping awarded Predoctoral to Postdoctoral Fellow Transition Award

Graduate student Nicole Scharping from the Delgoffe lab was recently awarded the National Cancer Institute’s Predoctoral to Postdoctoral Fellow Transition Award (F99/K00). This award provides... View »

Dr. Timothy Hand Awarded a Rainin Foundation Innovator Award

The Kenneth Rainin Foundation awarded Dr. Timothy Hand their 2017 Innovator Award which contributes to Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) research. Please... View »

Graduate Student Adolfo Frias published in "Immunology"

Immunology graduate student Adolfo Frias, in the laboratory of Dr. D’Cruz, has published in Immunology. The article, entitled “Invariant Natural Killer T cell development and function with loss of... View »

SITC, AACR leaders brief members of US Congress on Immuno-Oncology

Seeking to ensure government funding levels of cancer research are protected, leading experts from the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) and American Association for Cancer Research (AACR... View »

Drs. Bill Hawse and Penny Morel publish in The Journal of Immunology

Drs. Bill Hawse and Penny Morel... View »

Immunology graduate student Lauren Kinner-Bibeau publishes in Nature Communications
Tweaking the Immune System to Improve Immunotherapy Press Release

The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine has issued a press release concerning the Vignali Lab's discovery of a clue that could unlock the potential of immunotherapy drugs to successfully... View »

Dr. Olja Finn publishes in Cancer Immunology Research

Dr. Olja Finn publishes "Masters in Immunology" review in Cancer Immunology Research entitled, "Tumor Antigens - Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow." Please... View »