Ira Bergman

Ira Bergman


Office: Children's Hospital, Dept. of Pediatrics and Neurology

Lab: 3505 Rangos Research Building

Pittsburgh, PA 15224

Ph: 412 692-7176

Fax: 412-692-6787

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  • BA, Yale University
  • MD, University of Chicago
  • PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Academic Affiliation

  • Professor of Pediatrics, Neurology and Immunology

Selected Publications

1. Bergman I, Barmada MA, Heller G, Griffin JA, Cheung NKV: Treatment of neoplastic meningeal xenografts by intraventricular administration of an antiganglioside monoclonal antibody, 3F8. Int J Cancer 1999;82:538-548. PMID: 10404068

2. Bergman I, Barmada MA, Griffin JA, Slamon, DJ: Treatment of meningeal breast cancer xenografts in the rat with an anti-p185/Her2 antibody. Clinical Cancer Research, 2001;7:2050-6. PMID: 11448923

3. Bergman I, Whitaker-Dowling P, Gao Y, Griffin JA, Watkins WC: Vesicular Stomatitis Virus expressing a chimeric Sindbis glycoprotein containing an Fc antibody binding domain targets to Her2/neu over-expressing breast cancer cells. Virology, 2003; 316: 337-347. PMID: 14644615

4. Bergman I, Whitaker-Dowling P, Gao Y, Griffin JA: Preferential targeting of Vesicular Stomatitis Virus to breast cancer cells. Virology, 2004; 330: 24-33. PMID: 15527831

5. Gao Y, Whitaker-Dowling P, Watkins SC, Griffin JA, Bergman I: Rapid adaptation of a recombinant Vesicular Stomatitis Virus to a targeted cell line. J. Virol, 2006; 80: 8603-8612. PMID: 16912309

6. Bergman I, Griffin JA, Gao Y, Whitaker-Dowling P: Treatment of implanted mammary tumors with recombinant vesicular stomatitis virus targeted to Her2/neu. International Journal of Cancer, 2007; 121: 425-30. PMID: 17354238

7. Gao Y, Whitaker-Dowling P, Griffin JA, Barmada MA, Bergman I: Recombinant vesicular stomatitis virus targeted to Her2/neu combined with anti-CTLA4 antibody eliminates implanted mammary tumors. Cancer Gene Therapy, 2009; 16: 44-52. PMID: 18654610

8. Gao Y, Whitaker-Dowling P, Griffin JA, Bergman I: Treatment with targeted Vesicular Stomatitis Virus generates therapeutic multifunctional anti-tumor memory CD4. Cancer Gene Therapy, 2012; 19: 282-91. PMID: 22240921

9. Gao Y, Whitaker-Dowling P, Barmada MA, Basse PH, Bergman I: Viral infection of implanted meningeal tumors induces anti-tumor memory T-cells to travel to the brain and eliminate established tumors. Accepted Neuro-Oncology 2014.

Research Interests

  • Viral immunotherapy of cancer metastases
  • Viral immunotherapy to prevent brain metastases