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kalinski.jpg Pawel Kalinski , M.D., Ph.D.
Professor of Surgery
1.46 HCC (Office)
1.33 HCC (Lab)
Pittsburgh, PA 
Phone: 412.623.7712
Faculty Research Interests
Research Interests
Role of prostanoids and proiinflammatory factors in the regulation of the immune cell entry into cancer

Mechanisms of immune suppression in cancer

Cellular interactions during the development of Th1 and Th2 responses

Role of DC in the induction of polarized Th1 and Th2 responses (DC as mediators of signal 3)

Th1 and Th2 CD4 T cell subsets in cancer patients

Impact of tumor cells on DC functions

Use of polarized DC to induce therapeutic Th1 and CTL responses against cancer

Modulation of DC functions by CD4+ (Th) and CD8+ (CTL) T cells as a tool to modify DC activity in vivo
M.D. - Warsaw University Medical School (1991)

Ph.D. - University of Amsterdam (1998)

Fellowships: University of Amsterdam (1991-1992)

Military School of Medicine, Warsaw (1992-1994)

University of Amsterdam (1998-2000)
Academic Affiliation
Professor of Surgery, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Professor of Immunology, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Professor of Infectious Diseases ad Microbiology, University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health

Member, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute
Selected Publications
Obermajer, N., R. Muthuswamy, J. Lesnock, R. P. Edwards, and P. Kalinski. Positive Feedback between PGE2 and COX2 Redirects the Differentiation of Human Dendritic Cells towards Stable Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells. Blood, 2011 118(20):5498-505.

Obermajer, N., Muthuswamy, R., Odunsi, K., Edwards, R.P. & Kalinski, P. PGE(2)-induced CXCL12 production and CXCR4 expression controls the accumulation of human MDSCs in ovarian cancer environment. Cancer Res 71, 7463-7470.

Watchmaker P. B., E. Berk, R. Muthuswamy, R. B. Mailliard, J. A. Urban, J. M. Kirkwood, and P. Kalinski (2010). Independent Regulation of Chemokine Responsiveness and Cytolytic Function versus CD8+ T Cell Expansion by Dendritic Cells. J. Immunol. 184: 591-597

Kalinski P, J Urban, R Narang , E Berk, E Wieckowski, R Muthuswamy (2009). Dendritic Cell-based Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines: What We Have and What We Need. Future Oncol. 5(3):379-90

Lee J-J, K Foon, R Mailliard, R Muthuswamy, and P Kalinski. (2008) Type-1 polarized dendritic cells loaded with autologous tumor are potent immunogen against chronic lymphocytic leukemia. J. Leukocyte Biol., 84:319-325.

Muthuswamy R., J. Urban, J-J. Lee, TA Reinhart, D. Bartlett, and P. Kalinski* (2008). Ability of Mature Dendritic Cells to Interact with Regulatory T Cells Is Imprinted During Maturation. Cancer Res. 68:5972-5978, 2008.

Watchmaker P., J. A. Urban, Y. Nakamura, R. B. Mailliard, A. S. Giermasz, S. C. Watkins, S. M. van Ham, and P. Kalinski. Reciprocal Control of DC Activity by Memory and Effector CD8+ T Cells, J. Immunol., 180:3857-3865,2008.
Title: Directing Tumor-specific T cells to Tumors
Agency: NIH
Role: Program PI; PI of Project 1 (Tumor-specific chemokine modulation in CRC and melanoma) ; PI of Core A (Admin.)
Funding Period: 2009-2014

Title: Dendritic cells guide melanoma-specific T cells
Agency: NIH
Role: P.I.
Funding Period: 2008-2013
Lab Personnel
Lab Manager
Eva Wieckowski, Ph.D.

Research Instructor
Ravikumar Muthuswamy, Ph.D.

Research Associates
Julie Urban, Ph.D.
Natasa Obermajer, PhD

Graduate Students
Erik Berk
Jeffrey Wong

Research Technician
Becky Pazehosky
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